and you are located in ".$country_name." Country Code (".$two_letter_country_code.")"); function iptocountry($ip) { $numbers = preg_split( "/\./", $ip); include("ip_files/".$numbers[0].".php"); $code=($numbers[0] * 16777216) + ($numbers[1] * 65536) + ($numbers[2] * 256) + ($numbers[3]); foreach($ranges as $key => $value){ if($key<=$code){ if($ranges[$key][0]>=$code){$two_letter_country_code=$ranges[$key][1];break;} } } if ($two_letter_country_code==""){$two_letter_country_code="unkown";} return $two_letter_country_code; } ?> IPLOCATE.INFO [locate and show my ip address]

Your IP Address location is shown below. Time to do something about it!

Web sites track your online activity by tracking your IP Address and Location

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